Climbing trip in Jordan

When we think of Jordan, we quickly think of Petra and its temple sculpted by the Nabataeans, the Dead Sea and the composition of its water so laden with salt that it becomes impossible to sink or even dive, or Wadi Rum and its desert dotted with red sandstone towers. It's good […]

It is indeed Wadi Rum and its very special climbing that I would like to talk to you about here. The sandstone, compact sand in short, sculpted by water and the wind, offers ever more spectacular shapes: from small columns to lunules via taffoni, these large alcoves which require recovery in 6a pitches, crimps in steep walls or perfect cracks. The climbing is rich there and requires time to adapt to tame this very special rock.

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The Zutopists at the Petite Aiguille D'Ansabère

Here is the video of a multi-pitch outing on the Petite Aiguille d'Ansabère in the Pyrenees.

Located in the Lescuns valley, the route is semi-equipped but large sections must be protected with nuts. The length is 300m for a maximum difficulty of 7a. Note the presence of a de-escalation/pendulum in a not very popular place which must be anticipated by the second! In short, a magnificent route, with character, in a superb and uncrowded location.

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Climbing in the Dolomiti di Brenta

Here is the video of a stay in the Dolomiti di Brenta, one of the many massifs that make up the Dolomites.

Climbers: Maxime Richard and Maxime Poirier

Routes taken or attempted:
Cima Farfalla – Die frau ist der ruine des alpinismus (250m, 7c)
Campanile Basso – Preuss (400m, 5c)
Crozon di Brenta – Super Maria (1000m, 6b)

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Vinatzer-Messner route at the Marmolada

The doors of the C3 are wide open and our belongings are piled up happily in the car park of the small village of Malga Ciapela, at the foot of the Queen of the Dolomites, the Marmolada.

It's the beginning of our Italian roadtrip, the organization is slowly coming together and for the moment, every time we need a carabiner, we have to take out three bags to get it. We designate one door per area of activity: the left for the bivouac and clothing, the right for food and finally, the trunk for climbing and free flight equipment. 

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Caroline Minvielle


Passionate climber, I officially started climbing at the age of 6. The exterior and the mineral correspond to my ultimate aspirations. The playground is endless and the rock always has new subtleties to submit and puzzles to decode. I practice outdoor climbing in all its forms at a sustained level: from bouldering to multi-pitch in adventure terrain.

On the canyon side, my father, Pierre Minvielle, introduced me to it at a very young age around Rodellar, the place of his finest explorations. He gave me a taste for adventure and discovery and above all passed on his love for the Sierra de Guara.

Trained as an engineer, I decided to venture into the world of teaching and the transmission of knowledge by becoming a climbing and canyoning instructor in order to be able to share this passion that drives me and help those who wish to achieve their dreams.

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Maxime Poirier


I grew up far from the mountains, on an island in the middle of the Pacific and if my first ascents were those of coconut trees, I became passionate about climbing when I returned to France. Touch of everything, globetrotter and passionate about outdoor activities on all elements, I became a fan of thrilling sports such as highline, base-jump and canyoning.

For me, the mountains and these activities restore to us this capacity for admiration and wonder that modern existence can so easily evacuate. Live fully the happiness of the moment, the renunciation of living for tomorrow because today is enough.

My meeting with Caro will have finally sealed my destiny, here I am a climber, in love with the Vercors and the Sierra de Guara, ready to share my passion with those who wish.

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