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Trips and courses

We offer courses from three days to a week, half-days of discovery canyoning and climbing, or even unforgettable nights perched in the middle of a wall.

Supervised by state-qualified instructors passionate about travel and adventure, you will experience unforgettable moments.



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A la carte

Our planned dates are not suitable? Do you want to take a trip or an internship in a particular place? Do not hesitate to contact us, we are super flexible and we can organize an “à la carte” stay to adapt to your desires and your availability.

Our courses and trips

Discover here our adventure and nature immersion courses over several days.
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Vertical Apnea Climbing Course 3 days

Bluenery Academy and Obsession Minérale are joining forces to offer you an original course combining freediving and climbing. Two activities that combine vertically to explore your mental abilities.

This course is aimed at practitioners initiated into freediving and climbing.
Minimum level required in freediving: AIDA 2 certification or equivalent.
Minimum level required in climbing: independent practitioner knowing how to climb in the lead in 5.

Internship in the presence of Guillaume Néry and Caroline Minvielle.

Villefranche-sur-Mer, France

  • Day 1: Apnea then climb to La Turbie
  • Day 2: Apnea then climb to La Turbie
  • Day 3: long route at Baou de St Jeannet then apnea at sunset
  • Freediving and climbing supervision
  • Lunch for the 3 days
  • Travel to climbing sites from Villefranche-sur-Mer
  • Freediving equipment and common climbing equipment: ropes, quickdraws and helmets
  • Accommodation
  • Personal equipment: harness and climbing shoes
  • Everything that is not in “what is included”

Vertical Apnea Climbing Course 3 days :

Performance climbing course on tufas 6 days

The purpose of this course is to make you discover climbing on colos and to improve your skills. Rodellar is known worldwide for its small columns. It is an ideal site for learning and giving yourself the means to then independently access other dream spots like Kalymnos or Leonidio.

But it is also a 6-day course to discover the Sierra de Guara and its surroundings while pushing its limits.


  • 5 days of climbing with a focus on the colos with the pose of knees, the placement of lolottes and the management of rest
  • 1 day off where it will be possible to make a canyon or simply walk around and swim
  • 1 massage masterful hands of our favorite physiotherapist, Marie, to relax your strained muscles
  • Every day of warm-up and stretching tips by our specialist
  • guide supervision
  • Coaching
  • Material
  • Accommodation
  • Food
  • Travel to Rodellar
  • Everything that is not in “what is included”
Performance climbing course on tufas 6 days :
on demand

Next releases: see the booking module or contact us if there are no planned outings.

Journey to Jordan on the sandstone of Wadi Rum 8 days

A trip to discover rock climbing on the red sandstone towers of the Wadi Rum desert in Jordan.

 The sandstone, compact sand in short, sculpted by water and wind, offers ever more spectacular shapes: from tufas to handle bars to taffonis, those big alcoves that force you to make technical mantles in 6a pitches, crimps in steep walls or perfect cracks. The climbing here is rich and requires time to adapt to the rock and its texture.

What can I say other than the atmosphere in this desert? It's certainly why you come to Wadi Rum. The stretches of sand as far as the eye can see, punctuated by these 'djebels', leave you dreaming and pondering. You reach a different level of self-presence, and the break with everyday life is automatic and effortless. It's definitely an experience worth living.

Wadi Rum, Jordan


  • Day 1: Flight to Aqaba and arrival in Wadi Rum
  • Day 2: multi-pitch near the village like The Beauty
  • Day 3: desert multi-pitch like Merlin's Wand
  • Day 4: desert multi-pitch after an overnight bivouac in Barrah Canyon
  • Day 5: Rest day and visit to a tourist site or Bedouin path such as Burdah's Arch
  • Day 6: Major multi-pitch route around the village such as Queen of the Desert or Rum Doodle
  • Day 7: multi-pitch route around the village or in the desert like First Kiss or Lion Heart
  • Day 8: Return to the airport
  • guide supervision
  • Common equipment: ropes, quickdraws, friends and nuts
  • Accommodation
  • Food
  • Travel to Wadi Rum and daily excursions
  • guide's expenses
  • personal equipment
  • Everything that is not in “what is included”

For information, the overall cost of the trip is around €2,500/person.

Journey to Jordan on the sandstone of Wadi Rum 8 days :

Price per person for a group of two people
Next releases: see the booking module or contact us if there are no planned outings.

Multi-pitch climbing course in Gorges du Verdon 5 days

Gorges du Verdon need no introduction. The cradle of free climbing, a world-famous and historic site, the rock is of fabulous quality and the possibilities for great routes are almost infinite. It's a pilgrimage every climber must make once in their life.

In short, by the end of the week you'll be ready to tackle your 1st big routes on your own!

Verdon Gorge

  • 1 day of rock climbing on single pitch route for a review of climbing and belaying skills on one-length crags
  • 4 days of multi-pitch climbing on the walls of the Gorges du Verdon. Through itineraries adapted to the level of the group, we cover the techniques of specific major routes: creating a belay, belaying a second, abseiling, rope climbing, reading a guidebook, preparing a route.
  • guide supervision
  • Material
  • Accommodation
  • Food
  • Travel to La Palud sur Verdon
  • Everything that is not in “what is included”
Multi-pitch climbing course in Gorges du Verdon 5 days :

Next releases: see the booking module or contact us if there are no planned outings.


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Caroline Minvielle


Passionate climber, I officially started climbing at the age of 6. The exterior and the mineral correspond to my ultimate aspirations. The playground is endless and the rock always has new subtleties to submit and puzzles to decode. I practice outdoor climbing in all its forms at a sustained level: from bouldering to multi-pitch in adventure terrain.

On the canyon side, my father, Pierre Minvielle, introduced me to it at a very young age around Rodellar, the place of his finest explorations. He gave me a taste for adventure and discovery and above all passed on his love for the Sierra de Guara.

Trained as an engineer, I decided to venture into the world of teaching and the transmission of knowledge by becoming a climbing and canyoning instructor in order to be able to share this passion that drives me and help those who wish to achieve their dreams.

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Maxime Poirier


I grew up far from the mountains, on an island in the middle of the Pacific and if my first ascents were those of coconut trees, I became passionate about climbing when I returned to France. Touch of everything, globetrotter and passionate about outdoor activities on all elements, I became a fan of thrilling sports such as highline, base-jump and canyoning.

For me, the mountains and these activities restore to us this capacity for admiration and wonder that modern existence can so easily evacuate. Live fully the happiness of the moment, the renunciation of living for tomorrow because today is enough.

My meeting with Caro will have finally sealed my destiny, here I am a climber, in love with the Vercors and the Sierra de Guara, ready to share my passion with those who wish.

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